Yes, All Those Images ARE Missing


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve always thought I would start the blog back up again, because I really loved doing it. But now I see that the image-hosting site I was using, PHOTOBUCKET, has shut down access to these images unless I pay them $400 a year (!). I hope that the backlash from Photobucket users which is currently erupting around the web will cause Photobucket to reconsider this outrageous demand and restore the images which are now missing from many blogging, photo, and sales sites across the internet.

If not, I may have to start this blog all over again. That would be a shame, because there are over 1,500 posts here!

I may be back sooner than I thought.



Green Giant Peas — 1952 (Valentine’s Day)

You know, I kind of think this is the result of an agency brainstorming session that got out of control. Someone dared a colleague that they couldn’t make a Valentine’s ad about canned peas. Silly. Of COURSE you can! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Whitman Candies — 1965 (Valentine’s Day)

Leo Lochner, Candy Master. Thank you, Candy Master!

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Arrow Shirts — 1957 (Valentine’s Day)

“Give your beau an Arrow.” Yep, they went there — and I think it’s clever. I hope someone got a big, fat, juicy steak (or a big box of chocolates) for coming up with that one.

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Nestle’s $100,000 Bar — 1968

I’ve just passed 100,000 visits to this site! Thanks to all my followers and visitors! — Paula

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Beatle Boots — 1964

Bring these back!

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Authentic Beatle Wigs — 1964

“Dig this new cool party fad. It’s a gas!”

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Beatles Stuff — 1964

“Woolworth’s is your BEATLE headquarters.” Hurry — that wallpaper’s gonna go fast!

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Seagram’s Canadian Whisky — 1960 (Winter Olympics)

The beautiful people mingling in Squaw Valley for some sort of sporting event.

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Havoline Motor Oil — 1968 (WInter Olympics)

This is kind of clever. But today they’d be sued clear into next year for using…certain symbols.

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