Philip Morris Cigarettes — 1953 (Lucy & Desi) (Christmas)

Merry Christmas from Lucy and Desi and a carton of king-size smokes. The Philip Morris sponsorship of I Love Lucy was so well-known that I’m surprised Little Ricky was never just substituted with the Philip Morris bellboy.

I checked Wikipedia and found the entertaining biography of Johnny Roventini who was an actual bellboy who “auditioned” for his role as the iconic Philip Morris character without even knowing it. Philip Morris was the main sponsor of I Love Lucy, and Johnny became a friend of Lucy & Desi. Below is one of the many, MANY commercials that Lucy & Desi did for the cigarette brand. Johnny’s famous shouted “Call for Philip Morris!” page is at the end.

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2 responses to “Philip Morris Cigarettes — 1953 (Lucy & Desi) (Christmas)

  1. Hi! I have a carton for sale and would love to add a link to your blog so people could see the original ad!

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