Stokely-Van Camp Pineapple Drinks: Ping, Pong, Pi-Li — 1959

I’m trying to imagine the taste combination of pineapple and grapefruit (Ping) and of pineapple and lime (Pi-Li), and neither seems particularly inviting. And a product called “Pong” wouldn’t last long (at least in the UK).

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8 responses to “Stokely-Van Camp Pineapple Drinks: Ping, Pong, Pi-Li — 1959

  1. I LOVED Pi-Li when I was a kid!!!!!

    • I’ve never even heard of this. The pineapple-orange drink sounds good, but I’d have to mull over the pineapple-lime drink before buying it — they seem like two very loud, competing flavors. But who could turn down something called “Pi-Li”?

  2. andrew fernandez

    pi li looks like the original Gatorade flavor.

  3. The Stokley-Van Camp factory was down the street from us when I was a kid. It was one of the early victims of corporate mergers. We lived on Ping during the summer, my dad had a contact at the factory and we would get cases of it for the summer cottage. Pop was a rare treat. I have never heard of Pong or Pi-Li; they must have been made in another factory or tried once and never bought again. Thought of it as I am just making a pineapple-grapefruit marmalade and thought I would look for my old favorite drink Ping.

  4. All three of those drinks are widely popular and probably would still be on the market today if not bought out by the conglomerates. These products were available in this area from somewhere around 1958 or nine until some time in the early 70’s . The rumor that Gatorade came from this family of drinks is false: Gatorade came from a singular experiment conducted buy a College coach in Florida. As far as the individual merit of the drinks are concerned Pong was my personal favorite and was a great additive for hangover recovery. I was disappointed when they sold off their beverage division at Stokely Van Camp.

  5. Pi-Li was delicious. I used to buy it in San Diego in the early 60’s.

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