Ampro 16mm Sound Motion Picture Projectors for the Home — 1944

An interesting pre-television ad for something that seems very elaborate for home use, to be unleashed upon the marketplace “after D-Day.”

Here’s the text:

“Current news, science, literature, humor, drama, opera and travelogs — all these will be a part of the post war library of the average home in the form of convenient 16mm sound films. These talking books are here now and their number is being enormously increased by the war training and entertainment program. The equipment for showing brilliant, clear pictures with rich, life-like tones is also ready now, simple to operate — and surprisingly low in price. Of course, today these Ampro projectors are going 100% into the war effort, After D-Day — Ampro units will be ready to make 16mm sound films a reality in your home. Write today for the catalog of Ampro 8mm and 16mm silent and sound projectors.”

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