Lucky Strike Cigarettes — 1949 (Marilyn Monroe)


This is Marilyn Monroe, isn’t it? It certainly looks like her, but I can’t find any evidence on the internet of her being in this ad. Surely there’s a collection somewhere chronicling all of all her modeling work in her pre-Hollywood sex symbol days (and if there isn’t … why isn’t there?!). The screen grabs below are from a video containing a cool collection of photos of Marilyn in the same year this ad appeared, 1949 — the horse (maybe even the same horse, with the blaze pattern on its nose altered — like the part in MM’s hair?) being a nifty little coincidence:

Watch the video below:

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2 responses to “Lucky Strike Cigarettes — 1949 (Marilyn Monroe)

  1. That’s not Marilyn Monroe. Her face shape and bone structure don’t match up and MM had a very distinctive way of styling and dyeing her hair.

    • Hello! I had some problems when I was originally posting this ad, and somehow the screen grabs didn’t make it to my final post, so I’ve just reinstated them. Like I said, I can find nothing that suggests that Marilyn ever did this ad, but to ME, the similarities are pretty striking. In 1949 — the year of this ad and before her big break — Marilyn was doing a LOT of modeling. Aside from the photos above, I think that several on this page look a lot like the face in the ad:

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