Big Tex / State Fair of Texas — ca. 1950s


Not an ad, but a vintage postcard of the State Fair of Texas featuring Big Tex, the giant symbol of Texan hospitality who greeted visitors just outside the Cotton Bowl. Big Tex turned 60 this year, and, sadly, today an electrical malfunction caused a fire that destroyed him. I grew up in Dallas, where the fair is held every year, and, I have to say, it is surprisingly emotional to see images of his charred remains. RIP, Big Tex. They’ll rebuild you for next year, but it won’t be the same. (Click picture for larger image.)

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2 responses to “Big Tex / State Fair of Texas — ca. 1950s

  1. I grew up in Texas, too. Love the State Fair of Texas! Love Big Tex! Thank you for writing this tribute to him.

    • Thanks, Hollie! We even had to draw him in grade school! It’s weird seeing that picture of him on the postcard, because he changed quite a bit over the years. The “new” Big Tex is going to be strange to see. I have a feeling they’ll tart him up and make him some sort of state-of-the-art animatronic creature who lights up and shoots lasers or something. I liked Big Tex the way he was because he was such a sort of kitschy throwback to “the old days.”

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