Neiman-Marcus — 1965

Peruna is the mascot of Southern Methodist University which, like Neiman’s, is a Dallas landmark. At some point in its history, I’m sure SMU offered a course to its socially elite student body on how to most effectively navigate the fur department and how to develop a distant-but-meaningful rapport with the salespeople.

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5 responses to “Neiman-Marcus — 1965

  1. An SMU undergraduate

    The fact that that kid is riding “Peruna” is just so wrong. No one rides Peruna.

    • Ha! I love this ad. I hope there are a few of these NM-branded Perunas hidden in storage somewhere, deep in the bowels of SMU!

  2. I’m pretty sure the average rent in NYC in 1965 was less than the cost of this horsie.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, According to the handy dandy Inflation Calculator, $150 would be equivalent today to about $1,100.

      Also, it’s interesting to note that this toy depicting a legendary exas mascot from a legendary Texas store is “imported.”

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