Sexton Quality Foods, Dallas — 1953

Flipping through an issue of the Bandera, Texas-published  quarterly “The Dude Wrangler” (…as one does…), I noticed a familiar building in one of the ads: the Texas School Book Depository. Sexton Quality Foods, a Chicago-based wholesale grocer, occupied the building for twenty years, from 1941 to 1961. In 1963, the building was leased to the Texas School Book Depository — at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination, the building was still commonly known as “the Sexton Building,” which has apparently caused some confusion in the assassination literature. Personally, as a life-long resident of Dallas, I’d never heard of Sexton Foods or seen this photograph.

Growing up in Dallas, it’s weird to realize at a very young age, that most of the world knows my hometown as the place where someone was assassinated. Fifty years ago today.

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