General Electric Stereo Compacts — 1960

I love the look of this ad. That 1960 houseplant makes the ad for me and is the decorative cherry on the stereophonic sundae.

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3 responses to “General Electric Stereo Compacts — 1960

  1. ‘Exclusive “Record Saver” lets you remove records from jackets without smudging the sound.’ Well I never – I’m so curious about that.

    • After a bit of googling, I found this: “The ‘Record Saver’ is designed to eliminate one of the major causes of record deterioration: dust-attracting fingerprints. It consists of a cushioned groove running horizontally across the front edge of the phonograph cabinet. By sliding a record directly from its album cover into this groove, it is held in a vertical position and the album jacket may be easily removed. The record then can be placed on the turntable by handling it by its edges without touching the surface. Returning the record to its album is done simply by reversing this process.”

      So: see the horizontal indentation to the right of the knobs? That’s the “Record Saver.” Ha. I wonder how many engineers it took to come up with THAT!

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