Sylvania Scanner Color Slide Theatre — 1968

I’ve never heard of anything like this before — a device that allows you to show your color slides directly on the screen of your color television, and it works with a synchronized cassette recorder so that you can add narration or a musical soundtrack whilst showing off photos of your recent excursion across the country to bring your daughter Sharon (aka “Rainbow”) back to Des Moines from that hippie commune in San Francisco. This is crazy. Guess it never caught on.

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One response to “Sylvania Scanner Color Slide Theatre — 1968

  1. I could see a certain application for a video slide projector with built-in cassette sync and modulator. Such a thing would allow distribution throughout a campus. Lower light intensity also reduces fading. Composition is straightforward and less expensive than VTR’s of the time. However, much like Cartrivision and the first Betamax system, integrating such a specialized gadget into the cabinetry of the TV was a mistake.

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