Zenith Zephyr End Table Radio — 1936

The art deco design of this “end table” radio is fantastic! As the inset says, Zenith introduced this interesting concept because “We believe that as the cradle telephone replaced the wall type, the end table radio will take the place of to-day’s Wall Console.” To see what it actually looked like, there are some photos of this 6-S-147 model here. (The 1937 model can be seen here.) According to the Inflation Calculator, the hefty 1936 price of $84.95 would be the equivalent of almost $1,400 in today’s money.

Here’s a close-up of the drawing of the radio in the ad. (It’s interesting that they’ve combined a photograph with a drawing, and the drawing features the thing they’re actually selling.) So cool!

The text:

The inset:

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