Nestle’s Quik — 1951

“No beating … no bother.”

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2 responses to “Nestle’s Quik — 1951

  1. Is this around the time Quik first came out on the markets?

    • Nestle’s (Chocolate) Quik was introduced in 1948. A banana version followed in 1954, and strawberry in 1960. According to the Wikipedia page, these now-discontinued flavors have come and gone: Grape (1970s), Cherry (1989–1995), Jungle Jaffa (199?-200?), Mango (1991-2000), Cream (1997), Triple Chocolate (2002–2006), Vanilla (2003–2006), Honey (2001–2006), Crème Soda (sold in South Africa until recently), Caramel, and Cookies & Cream.

      Fruit-flavored Quik mixed with milk (?) sounds disgusting!

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