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Whitman Candies — 1965 (Valentine’s Day)

Leo Lochner, Candy Master. Thank you, Candy Master!

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Nestle’s $100,000 Bar — 1968

I’ve just passed 100,000 visits to this site! Thanks to all my followers and visitors! — Paula

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Butter-Nut and PayDay Candy Bars by Hollywood — 1959 (American Bandstand)

This is an interesting ad from a 1959 issue of Ebony magazine because it depicts an African-American dancing couple, suggesting their participation in the 1950s TV music/dance show American Bandstand, but apparently the show’s producers methodically kept out all but white dancers and audience members from appearing on the show at this time. According to a book about the legendary television show, black teenagers weren’t regularly seen on the show until 1964 when the show moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. An interesting article on this is here: “Not So Nice: No Matter what host Dick Clark Says, American Bandstand Blocked Black Teens.” The book’s author, Matthew F. Delmont, an American Studies professor, wrote this article about the show’s “complex racial legacy” following Dick Clark’s death in 2012.

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Peter Paul Mounds Candy Bars — 1950

“The King of the Coconut Bars.” And appropriately, the copy is filled with an overabundance of passionate adjectives, fit for candy bar royalty.


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Butter Rum Life Savers — 1957

Pirate, parrot, Butter Rum Lifesavers … of course!

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Curtiss Baby Ruth Candy Bars — 1951

“If candy were graded like fresh eggs…” — there’s a grabber of a tagline!

I love this little inset illustration:

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General Douglas MacArthur Novelty Candy — 1943


Patriotic candy cigarettes. Fun for the whole family! Here the package in color:


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Life Savers Five Flavor Candy — 1949

Hey, it’s November already! Need a calendar?

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Curtiss Halloween Candy — 1962 (Halloween)

Happy Halloween!!

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Fleer’s Dubble Bubble Chewing Gum — 1952 (Halloween)

There is a child in a top hat, cravat, and (it’s hard to tell but I’m going to go ahead and say) SPATS. That kid deserves more than a damn piece of gum!

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