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Authentic Beatle Wigs — 1964

“Dig this new cool party fad. It’s a gas!”

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Beatles Stuff — 1964

“Woolworth’s is your BEATLE headquarters.” Hurry — that wallpaper’s gonna go fast!

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Monsanto AstroTurf — 1967

As American as fake grass.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Barbed Wire and Fencing — 1934

I guess Sears really DID carry everything!

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Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass — 1961

Pictured: Ithaca Senior High School and its glass walls of freedom, designed by Perkins & Will. The text, below, should be read while rousing patriotic music swells in the background.


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Del E. Webb’s Sun City (Arizona) Retirement Community — 1960

The famed sprawling retirement community opened for business on January 1, 1960 on the site of a former ghost town. The opening weekend drew a huge crowd of 100,000 looky-loos. The text, below.

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Ice — 1950 (Christmas)


Ice of every type is “readily available at conveniently located Vending Machines or Ice Stations.”

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Ray-O-Vac Batteries — 1943

Helps get you to your air raid shelter during the Blitz. Interesting WWII situation incorporated into an American ad.


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Acrilan Acrylic Fiber — 1965 (Henry Fonda)

You know, ol’ Hank’s looked happier.

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New Moon Mobile Apartment Home — 1953


“Gleaming exteriors sheath a world of spacious living comfort.” I thought this might be a tie-in with Lucy and Desi’s “Long, Long Trailer” movie (released in 1953, the year of this ad), and it seems it is.



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