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Yes, All Those Images ARE Missing


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve always thought I would start the blog back up again, because I really loved doing it. But now I see that the image-hosting site I was using, PHOTOBUCKET, has shut down access to these images unless I pay them $400 a year (!). I hope that the backlash from Photobucket users which is currently erupting around the web will cause Photobucket to reconsider this outrageous demand and restore the images which are now missing from many blogging, photo, and sales sites across the internet.

If not, I may have to start this blog all over again. That would be a shame, because there are over 1,500 posts here!

I may be back sooner than I thought.




Curtiss Bite Size Baby Ruth Nuggets and Butterfinger Chips — 1960





“Fun-size” candy bars before there were “fun-size” candy bars.

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Birds Eye Frozen Cod and Spinach — 1948

Fried fish and spinach with mustard gravy and hard-boiled egg garnish. Need the recipe? Here you are!

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Red Rock Cola — 1947

The only product Babe Ruth ever endorsed.

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