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Green Giant Peas — 1952 (Valentine’s Day)

You know, I kind of think this is the result of an agency brainstorming session that got out of control. Someone dared a colleague that they couldn’t make a Valentine’s ad about canned peas. Silly. Of COURSE you can! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Nestle’s $100,000 Bar — 1968

I’ve just passed 100,000 visits to this site! Thanks to all my followers and visitors! — Paula

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Beatle Boots — 1964

Bring these back!

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Authentic Beatle Wigs — 1964

“Dig this new cool party fad. It’s a gas!”

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Seagram’s Canadian Whisky — 1960 (Winter Olympics)

The beautiful people mingling in Squaw Valley for some sort of sporting event.

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Havoline Motor Oil — 1968 (WInter Olympics)

This is kind of clever. But today they’d be sued clear into next year for using…certain symbols.

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Carter’s Trigs — 1951

Just a couple of guys standing around in their underwear chatting about skiing. (More ads in this odd men’s underwear campaign here.)

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Monsanto AstroTurf — 1967

As American as fake grass.

Chevrolet Trucks — 1963

Some football players are only marginally smaller.

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Robert Bruce Knitwear for Men and Boys — 1951

No bagging, no sagging!

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